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  1. Foam is an excellent flotation material - its closed cell structure create solid bubbles that trap air that displaces huge amounts of water giving this lightweight material vary high buoyancy, with practically no risk of failure. Because the foam has this unique cell structure it is not going to fail due to the outside being punctured. However, most flotation devices depend solely on this ability of the exterior to withstand puncture thus allowing water to reach the empty center. Once the exterior fails the air is exchanged with water; negating the buoyancy the device once had. EPS Foam is definitely the definitive flotation material.

  2. In addition to foams great flotation characteristics, our foam fabricating abilities open door to virtually any shape and size of flotation material needed for your marine application.

  3. We can custom design the flotation to work with your dock to maximize your docks performance, to handle the equipment, people, and needs that you personally require.





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