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Expanded Polystyrene Foam

 EPS Foam is an excellent insulation material. It comes in rigid boards or sheets cut to exact size and quantity for what you need.

( The following is basic Information on EPS foam for more information please contact us for a detailed data sheet. )

  1. R - Value for 1.0 # Density EPS Foam 3.85 / inch.

  2. EPS Foam is also available in other densities such as 1-1/4# Dens., 1-1/2# Dens., or 2.0# Dens.

  3. Standard Sizes usually in stock are 3/4",1",1-1/2",2",3",4" Thick and either 2'x 4' or 4'x 8'.

  4. Any other sizes or thicknesses can be made to match your needs quickly and accurately.

  5. EPS Foam can be easily cut on the job site using ordinary tools all contractors and or carpenters use.

  6. Typically foam is used as exterior insulation or as a base for stucco (conventional or synthetic).

  7. EPS Foam is also very efficient in between studs, in roof rafters, and for additional interior insulation.

  8. Cold Storage Rooms and Freezers can be insulated with EPS Foam.

  9. For additional information call JWR Sales toll free at (866) 225-4464.




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